Morné Swanepoel's
At our goal is to change the lives of those who walk into our gyms for the better. We are passionate about what we do and honored to be able to change so many people's lives.

"I've known Morné for many years and he is a very good Instructor. He is also an excellent Martial artist and fighter. He is very technical and i would recommend him to anyone interested in MMA and BJJ!"
Baret Yoshida -San Diego USA-
BJJ Black Belt World Champ

"One of the pioneers of Grappling and MMA in South Africa, Morné Swanepoel has a very structured gym and work ethics, that make it one of the best places to train martial arts in Southern Africa. I highly recommend people to benefit from his experience and great facilities he provides at CombatCoaching"
Roberto Atalla -Rio de Janeiro Brazil-
BJJ Black Belt World Champ
"Many years of extensive traveling throughout the world, training and teaching, I am very pleased to announce that after years of intense training with JKD Unlimited, Morné Swanepoel is now one of the most dynamic MMA and street functional coaches in the world"
Burton Richardson -Hawaii USA-
President JKD Unlimited
"Morné Swanepoel is probably one of the most knowledgeable self-defense instructors in South Africa. To top it off, also one of the best coaches when it comes to the Mixed Martial Arts for the ring"
Sgt Jim Wagner -California USA-
Founder of Reality-Based Personal Protection

'"I had the best time surrounded by friendly people and I was very impressed with the professionalism of the training. Morné Swanepoel (head coach) is definitely one of the best coaches I've trained with, he has a world of experience and very technical and dynamic. His training facility is fully equipped and you have everything you need to get you into shape. They have a variety of types of training and only the best on offer. I highly recommend training with Morné and at his facility to anyone, young and old from beginners to pro fighters'"
Leon Mynhardt -Pretoria SA-
EFC Africa Light Weight Champ

"Morné's school is an outstanding place to train. Full spectrum fitness and mixed martial arts needs are complete, and Coach Morné is dedicated to your development. gym offers a family environment, with highly competent training. I recommend the school and entire staff!"
Chris Haueter -Los Angeles USA-
5th Degree BJJ Black Belt

"I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Morné Sensei since 2003 and have followed his martial sciences career with interest since then. Morné is driven by a singular passion for excellence in all he does and his venture into MMA, physical fitness and the teaching of the martial arts has borne the fruits of this passion for excellence. Morné Sensei was inducted into the SA Karate and Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004 and his passion for these arts, over the following 10 years, has proven time and again that his induction into this august body was well founded"
Thomas G Mitchell -Durban SA-
8th Dan Kokusai Imatsu Ryu

"Martial arts and practical self defence are NOT one and the same thing! Most martial artists are, at best, mediocre fighters who often get beaten in a street fight. This is because few manage to understand the difference between the two! This cannot be said of Morné Swanepoel. He is a rare breed of intelligent martial artists who can translate the essence of the martial arts into the reality of street combat and high octane situations- practical and to the point!"

Nasser Butt -Leicester UK-
Vice President World Taiji Boxing Ass.
Chief Instructor Fa-jing Ch'uan Internal Chinese Boxing Schools

"Training under such a respected coach as Morné is really a chapter in your life that builds you. As a wrestler, Morné noticed my strong points and my weak points,he moulded me into a better mma athlete using my existing talent. Morné took me from being a amateur athlete to top of the food chain, I became the EFC Africa lightweight champion under his coaching and guidance.He runs a very tight ship, you don't just become a mma fighter under Morné, you have alot to overcome to be part of his Team MMA Fighter. Once you part of the fight team, its a commitment you make that will change your life, that's where you see the family side of Morné. When you train with Morné you simply become part of his extended family. His "brotherhood" trains together, sweats together and and becomes a tight knit family where he will guide you from babysteps to making huge leaps and becoming a champ. What I'm trying to say is, if you not training with or under Morné, you realy missing out on training with one of the pioneers of MMA in SA. I'm proud and honored to say that I have shared my journey to the top of the food chain with Morné and would recommend him as your coach"
Wentzel Nel -Queensburgh KZN-
EFC Africa Light Weight Champ

"In an industry which is flooded by " wannabes and fly by nights, its refreshing to see gyms like growing from strength to strength. Morné Swanepoel is a pioneer of MMA and his teaching is evolving with the times. If you are looking for a MMA Gym call Morné and join a great Team"
Gregor Weichmann -Cape Town SA-
Head Muay Thai Coach REPS Fitness

"Morné Swanepoel is in my opinion, one of the most trusted players involved in South African Mixed Martial Arts. Involved in the industry, basically from the dawn of time, he has the requisite skills, knowledge and ethics to see MMA grow with the fundamental principles implicit to see it strive. A loyal coach, great trainer, friend and brother in our lifestyle. I've awaited in fevered anticipation for the launching of his site, and have utmost faith in his ability to report fair, unbiased and impartial views regarding all happenings of SA MMA. I stand behind Morné Swanepoel and will stake my reputation on his"

SA's Premiere Voice of Martial Arts

"Morné Swanepoel and his team at (Team MMA Fighter) produce some of Africa's top MMA athletes. they are a professional team and a pleasure to deal with"
Cairo Howarth
President EFC Africa
"I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Morné and consider him to be one of the finest coaches in the business. Skilled, intelligent, and professional, Morné’s coaching ability is reflected in the many fine fighters who choose to train with him. Morné makes himself 100% available through his hands-on training and online activity offered through his website. If you want to train with a coach who is superb at his craft and sincere about developing you, go see Morné"
Tom Sotis -Rhode Island USA-
Founder of AMOK Combatives!
"I watched Morné revolutionize the sport of MMA by opening these learning centres for combat and then to see him do invitation training with the big brands from overseas and then to also minister to his legion of fighters. Having a trainer that has been to the pinnacle and can deliver the experience from a mental and physical perspective is key to having a career without injury and will leave his fighters not only trained but knowledgeable of all concepts regarding fighting. The CombatCoaching franchise has its place as a leader in fighting arts"
Anton Gilmore -Johannesburg SA-
World Champion Boxer
"I met Morné in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2005, he came to one of our BJJ CAMPs and we kept contact since them. I was impressed with Morné's skill and later on, when visiting his academy in SA, had the chance to meet his students and family and I have to say that his abilities as a teacher is amazing! I highly recommend anyone close to his area to drop by and try out a class"
Felipe Costa-Rio de Janeiro Brazil-
BJJ Black Belt World Champion

“Morné Swanepoel epitomizes what a martial artist should be today, representing himself and the art with Honor, Courage, Dignity and Respect. His skill and knowledge is among the best in South Africa and the world, his Combat Coaching system is Practical and Effective reality-based martial art, which makes him one of the Top MMA and Street Functional and JKD coaches in the world."
Jose Mata -London UK-

3rd Degree Black Belt Japanese JuJitsu
Black Belt Judo

Purple Belt Brazilian JiuJitsu

"I hosted Morné for a seminar in Germany. I had the pleasure experiencing a complete self Defense system rarely seen. From all ranges which included weapons, Stand Up, Clinch and ground. Morné's coaching was reality based and sound compact and what a eye opening experience! His approach is geared towards the modern needs of self defense and combat. It was a pleasure and honor to have him at our school. He will always be welcome back!"
Frank Burczynski -Berlin Germany-
BJJ Black Belt
Larry Hartsell JKD Senior Instructor
"Morné is one of the pioneers of MMA, Jeet Kune Do and Traditional Martial Arts in SA and has produced champion fighters. I would highly recommend him as coach and his world class training facility"
Rico Hattingh -Cape Town SA-
Head Coach REPS Fitness
SA MMA Heavy Weight Champion

"I have had the honor and privilege of training with coach Morné Swanepoel over a period at his CombatCoaching academy. There aren't many coaches who exude and personify everything that the Martial Arts purport. Morné is one of the few people who have impressed me in this department. His teachings are concise, his mannerism extremely professional and everything about the academy is laden with passion. Since training with Morné, I have subsequently implemented many of his teachings, advices and training methods in my personal life as well as my academy. I am often asked by inquiring and aspiring Martial Artists my advice on the ultimate martial art superior to all others. My reply is always consistent... Do not perturb yourself with seeking a superior martial art, rather find yourself a great teacher-coach-mentor who is able to propel you towards your goals with spot on guidance whilst still encouraging individual expression. In my humble opinion, coach Morné, epitomizes everything a martial art teacher should be, and is definitely an asset to all who identify him as a model of success. I would recommend his academy to anybody seeking depth pertaining to martial arts as well as life itself"

Abdullah Bayett -Lenasia SA-

6th Degree Blackbelt (WAKO)

5th Degree Blackbelt (ISKA)

SA National Kickboxing Coach
"Morné Swanepoel is a leader in his field of MMA and other martial arts not only in Durban but also South Africa. I had the pleasure of meeting him back in Nov 2009 at EFC 01 and we have worked closely together since then. I would recommend my own son to train with him. He is a great mentor to his students and has a great desire for his students to excel and they do under the instruction of Morné"
Gary Barrett -Cape Town SA-
Head Coach Take Down MMA

"Morné runs a very disciplined gym and his students are always well mannered and polite. Morné has a calmness about him and is a reserved family man, beneath that calm exterior is a kind gentle man who has a vast experience in all martial arts dating back to his days of JKD where I first met him.Win or lose Morné Swanepoel is a true martial artist who is first to shake hands and be the one to help if asked. It is inspiring for myself and other coaches to watch Morné lead his team. When our gyms compete against each other I know it is " Go Time" , however it is always done with a good heart. It is an honor and a privilege knowing Morné and he is a great example of what a coach should be and he brings out the best in all of us"
Mark Bristow -Durban SA-
Head Coach Train Gym

"I spent time training with Morné and Burton Richardson in March 2000 at a Jeet Kun Do seminar. The training was MMA/ Street based and complimented our style of Combat Taekwondo. In 2009/10 I hosted Morné at my Academy in Pretoria for a seminar. Our students learnt a lot from Morné’s vast martial arts knowledge and background. Morné is a true South African Martial Arts expert and I am very proud to be associated with him."
Richard West -Pretoria SA-
7th Dan Taekwondo